Configuring the upload parameters if you use a Mac

As stated, the Upload to Cloud feature is still in Beta.

The procedure for configuring is a little complicated but will get simple in future releases.

The driver for the serial port on the RID chip needs to be installed on your Mac.

To download the driver click here.

You should also read the detailed instructions in CH34X_DRV_INSTALL_INSTRUCTIONS.pdf

Now you can install the driver by clicking on CH34xVCPDriver.pkg in the .zip that was downloaded.

If you don't follow the instruction exactly the driver will not be installed. You also need to restart your Mac once the driver is installed.

OK, so you now need to install another app. NOTE: The Mac "screen" app will NOT work with the 2.4 FW.

The app you need to download is called CoolTerm. CoolTerm is an app that will allow you to open a serial port and send a string.

You can get CoolTerm by going to

NOTE: CoolTerm is not available on the Apple Store so Apple will not like it. You need to specifically say it is OK to install and run.
To do that go to your applications folder and select it and then enter open and when the Mac says that it has not been blessed by Apple you can say open it anyway.

Once CoolTerm is open on the bottom left you can select the serial port. The serial port should be labeled usbmodemxxxxx (xxxxx will be some number)

Be sure and select that serial port.



Now press the connect button


Now tap on Options and select Send String


When the Send String dialog open enter 99<CR> (<CR> is a carriage return)


You will now see a response from the RID chip.

To add a SSID enter 1<CR>

After you send a command be sure and remove that command from the Send String window. If you don't it will be sent again.

You will then get presented with a list of SIDS that the chip sees.
NOTE: The chip will only detect 2.4G frequencies. It will not see 5.8 WIFI networks.

If you have a relatively new iPhone you need to go to settings-->Personal Hotspot and turn on Maximize Compatibility.
Once you have done that you need to power off your iPhone and power it back up.

If your iPhone is currently on a WIFI network it will not create a hot spot. You must disconnect your phone from all WIFI networks before it will create a hotspot.

If you don't want to take your phone off an existing wifi network you can select option 0 after scanning for wifi networks. This will allow you to manually enter your hotspot name and password. The chip will not be able to confirm the name and/or password are correct so make sure you enter everything correctly.

If you want the chip to connect to the hotspot network you might have to manually disable and re-enable "Allow Others to join" in the Personal hotspot settings.